by Kevin Hardcastle

The day I turned eighteen we drank a keg of beer between the five of us and let out over the frozen bay in our sleds. Pa on the lead machine with a ...

Project Ω.

by Eric Lloyd Blix

Eric Lloyd Blix’s short story, “Project Ω,” is presented as a special PDF supplement. Project_Omega_by_Eric_Lloyd_Blix...


Eighteen Poems.

by Camille Martin

foothopper grassprint • A notion bolted out the starting gate like a startled colt. • The Milky Way is teeming with billions of manatee idols. • pre...

Two Poems.

by Jim Smith

Cento in Four I The little notebook of poems in the pocket of a corpse, At my age, granted, quite a few. Outside your body is a set of bleachers, As...

Four Poems.

by Catherine Graham

The Animal Game   Now I’m a bird in the nest of your lap. I flap my blanket of feathers. Elongate my growing neck. You take another one out, and I l...

Two Poems.

by Stephen Brockwell

Standard Poodle Everywhere I go I bring violence, a savage mongrel snapping at my heels. Last night at the bar, two young women yanked each other’s ...

Songs for Rejecting Boys at Parties.

by Ashley-Elizabeth Best

1.             “Don’t Call Me No Mo” (Project Pat) Your hollering can be heard from the texts you exile to my phone. My inbox has become an archive ...

They Arrived On Valentine’s Day.

by Bill Howell

Little men from space are the size we imagine them to be because if they’re quite small they’ll take up less space (in there, perhaps going farther ...

Four Poems.

by Laura Clarke

Architeuthis When I finally saw the giant squid, I was like, it’s not that big. My dog pissed a heart shape on the sidewalk and it was bigger than t...

Four Poems.

by Aaron Tucker

what month are we? discipline: to abandon a language begin in another is neighbour’s front lawn + discarded furniture rusted joints nibbled gnawed e...