Everyone Here Is So Friendly.

by Jessica Westhead

You arrive, and right away they offer to take your coat. When you give it to them, they bow! You are not used to this kind of treatment. At home, pe...

Jim and Nadine, Nadine and Jim.

by Elisabeth de Mariaffi

They were watching the earthquake news and she jumped up out of her chair. Don’t start! Jim said. Don’t start! I can’t watch! Nadine said. The orpha...

A Boy’s Hand.

by Kelli Deeth

I stood at my bedroom window and watched snow cover the brown grass in our backyard. The falling snow reminded me of when I was young, although my m...

Tom, Jennifer, Maureen.

by Victoria Hetherington

The stewardess talks about where the breathing masks are and where the emergency exits are and what the temperature in Toronto will be, and even tho...


Three Poems.

by Gary Barwin

Psalm 23 I don’t want to admit it but I’ve been a bad sheep for they let me lie down on the sweet lawn helped me to speechless waters restored my pa...

Three Poems.

by Jacob McArthur Mooney

The Ocean Sings of Incendiary Things To begin with, it was beautiful. To begin, it’s essential we admit that it was beautiful. Now come marauder, co...

Two Poems.

by Diane Tucker

Biology Class The circulatory system of the rat was too small, arteries thready and ruinable by study, so they shipped us bullfrogs. These ones thre...

Two Poems.

by Zoë Alexis-Abrams

17 BENSON AVENUE 1 Quicksand: the word my mother’s home chose for itself. With three floors, the foundation sinks South to Davenport Road and its bu...

Four Poems.

by Nicholas Lea

Hopeless Debates My argument was, yeah, impassioned paradox-laden, but true, so true … to me. The lexicon, textbooks change us— when leaf becomes bl...

Two Poems.

by Richard Norman

Lake Nyasa A razor-blade of starlight makes a tear at the hairline. Then the sand-bound shore begins to fill in with the pink contagion of the dawn....

Buddha Head.

by Matthew R. Loney

Buddha Head I. That morning bred in it nothing that would suggest a crossing of paths, though intersections were the skeleton of that market, anyway...