Fiction: Trevor Shikaze, Ingrid Keenan, Matthew J. Trafford, and David Huebert

Poetry: Emily Schultz, Michael Prior, Jamie Sharpe, Suzannah Showler, Amy Carlberg, Elizabeth Ross, Robert Steckling, Cassidy McFadzean, Shane Neilson, Maria Tessa Liem, Ben Gallagher, Lily Gontard, Caitlin Scarano, Charity Gingerich, Sadie McCarney, Louise Carson, Patricia Young, Paula Parris Eisenstein, and Vincent Pagé

Essays: Deborah Thompson and Christine Estima

Conversations: Nicholas Herring and Kate Siklosi

Reviews: Liz Harmer, Mark Sampson, Sarah Richards, and Doyali Islam


Literary Cosmopolitanism

Introduction: André Forget

Fiction: Noor Naga and Yuliya Barannik

Poetry: Domenica Martinello and Derick Mattern

Essays: Martyn Wendell Jones and Rudrapriya Rathore

ISSUE 31—FALL 2015

Thomas Morton Prize: Fiction Winner: Lowry Pressly

Fiction: Teresa Milbrodt and Helen Polychronakos

Thomas Morton Prize: Poetry Winner: Katie Fewster-Yan

Poetry: Stephanie Warner, David Ishaya Osu, Concetta Principe, Kayla Czaga, Canisia Lubrin, Adèle Barclay, Cassidy McFadzean, dalton derkson, Carolye Kuchta, John Wall Barger, Angela Hibbs, Ariel Gordon, Stacey Gruver, Noah Burton, Lisa Bellamy, Jennifer Houle, Brenda Schmidt, Claire Kelly, Dan Rosenberg, Ali Sohail, and Elana Wolff

Essays: Cian Cruise

Interviews: E Martin Nolan and Jason Freure

Reviews: Neil Surkan and Jeremy Hanson-Finger

ISSUE 30—Summer 2015

Introduction: Katherena Vermette

Fiction: Souvankham Thammavongsa, Asha Jeffers, Jamila-Khanom Allidina, Samantha Leese, Jacob Gelfand, Holly Flauto Salmon, and Francine Cunningham

Poetry: Rosanna Deerchild, Randy Lundy, Scott Nolan, Janet Marie Rogers, Joanne Arnott, Tanis MacDonald, Lee Maracle, Marlin M. Jenkins, Scott Wordsman, Michelle Good, Hilda Mann, and Monique Woroniak

Interviews: Erín Moure and David St.-Lascaux

Reviews: Stewart Cole, Neil Surkan, Paul Barrett, and Scott Marentette


“À la prochaine fois”: 1995 and Literature in Post-Referendum Québec

Introduction: Jason Freure

Fiction: Anna Leventhal and Claudine Dumont

Poetry: Catherine Dorion, Hugo Beauchemin-Lachapelle, Philippe Haeck, Marcel Fabien Raymond, Paul Chamberland, Melissa Bull, Jesse Eckerlin, and Jay Winston Ritchie

Essays: Geneviève Robichaud, Guillaume Morissette, and André Forget

Interviews: Jason Freure

Reviews: Myra Bloom

ISSUE 29—Spring 2015

Fiction: Aurora Stewart de Peña, Jon Chan Simpson, and Ben Stephenson

Poetry: Stephen Collis, Kate Sutherland, Roxanna Bennett, Joelle Barron, Meghan Harrison, Aaron Boothby, Vanessa Stauffer, Caitlin Scarano, Rasiqra Revulva, Sara Jane Strickland, Carolyn Nakagawa, Hannah Hackney, and Glen Armstrong

Essays: Julienne Isaacs and Dave Hurlow

Interviews: A.R. Jardine, André Forget and Jason Freure, and Neil Wadhwa

Reviews: Nicholas Herring

ISSUE 28—Winter 2015

Fiction: Stephen Thomas and David Huebert

Poetry: Shane Neilson, Allison LaSorda, Annik Adey-Babinski, Natalia Panzer, Theodore Worozbyt, Michelle Brown, and Jeff Latosik

Interviews: E Martin Nolan, Julienne Isaacs, and Jared Young

Reviews: Ryan Pratt

ISSUE 27—FALL 2014

Amid bracing fiction and a bountiful assortment of poetry, Issue 27 also features the winners of our Third Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence, judged by Margaret Atwood and Zsuzsi Gartner.

Thomas Morton Prize: Fiction Winner: Daniel Scott Tysdal

Fiction: Amanda Leduc, Sam Shelstad, Paul Carlucci, Jowita Bydlowska, and Kenan Orhan Dannenberg

Thomas Morton Prize: Poetry Winner: Laurie D Graham

Poetry: Stuart Ross, Angela Hibbs, Alice Burdick, LeeAnn Olivier, Kevin McLellan, Elisa Gonzalez, Sara Biggs Chaney, Jessica Bebenek, Garry Thomas Morse, gillian harding-russell, Chad Campbell, Shawn Fawson, Jenna Jarvis, Katie Jordon, and Kenzie Allen

Essays: Jeremy Hanson-Finger

Interviews: Malcolm Sutton and Nicholas Herring


By featuring poetry from some of Canada's most intriguing writers, eleven works of non-fiction, and the Littered TO Supplement on literary urbanism, Issue 26 was a major milestone.

Fiction: Robert Earle

Poetry: Jonathan Bennett, Kasia Juno, Chris Hutchinson, Vincent Colistro, Julie Mannell, Marc Di Saverio, Matthew Vanstone, Jake Skakun, and Anzhelina Polonskaya

Essays: Jeffery Donaldson and Jess Taylor

Interviews: Evan Jones, Laura Rock, Nicole Grimaldi, Tracy Kyncl, and Ryan Pratt

Reviews: Jason Freure, E Martin Nolan, & Phoebe Wang, Andreas Vatiliotou, Charles-Adam Foster-Simard, and Roxanna Bennett



Introduction: Jason Freure & Tyler Willis

Fiction: Graham Arnold

Poetry: Helen Guri, Peter Norman, Emma Healey, and Bardia Sinaee

Essays: Amy Lavender Harris and Maggie Helwig

Interviews: Jason Freure & Tyler Willis and Jason Freure


Metal and sharpies on a super moon weekend, Mirvish + Gehry machinations, men who can’t keep the dead buried (literally), and Part II of our marvelous Borders Supplement make Issue 25 a real masterpiece.

Fiction: Andrew Forbes, Victoria Hetherington, and Trevor Corkum

Poetry: Jessie Jones, Andrew McEwan, Sarah Pinder, Liz Worth, Stevie Howell, and philip gordon

Essays: Jason Freure

Interviews: Phoebe Wang



Introduction: E Martin Nolan

Poetry: Maria Teresa Horta, Cecília Meireles, Adélia Prado, and Lucila Godoi

Essays: Ira Wells

Interviews: E Martin Nolan

Reviews: Matthew R. Loney, Oona Patrick, Andrew Blackman, and Jaclyn Qua-Hiansen


Explore the intricacies of video game pugilism, hear the clanging thunder of Steeltown, and transgress the literary border with our supplement-infused 24th issue.

Fiction: Pasha Malla, Stephen Thomas, Aaron Fox-Lerner, and Patrick Roesle

Poetry: Jenny Sampirisi, Garry Thomas Morse, Alice Burdick, Jay MillAr, Sonia Di Placido, Zach Buck, and Sadie McCarney

Interviews: Tracy Kyncl

Reviews: Mark Sampson



Introduction: E Martin Nolan

Poetry: Lisa Pasold, Stewart Cole, Denise Duhamel, Cal Freeman, Michael Lauchlan, Brandyn Johnson, and Sean Ward

Essays: Stewart Cole, Nate Jung, and Thomas Hodd

Interviews: Jillian Harkness

Reviews: Phoebe Wang, Andrew Blackman, and Andreas Vatiliotou

ISSUE 23—FALL 2013

A fateful trek to the edge of the world, faithful Maliseet concordance, and the fitting winners of the Second Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize await you in our tremendous 24th issue!

Thomas Morton Prize: Fiction Winner: Aurora Brackett

Fiction: Meghan Rose Allen and Jim Smith

Thomas Morton Prize: Poetry Winner: Nathan Slinker

Poetry: Wanda O’Connor, Anthony Ramstetter, Jr., Athena G. Csuti, Bola Opaleke, Kilby Smith-McGregor, Katie Fewster-Yan, R. Kolewe, Hannah Peck, Adam Seelig, Gary Singh, John McKernan, Alison Hicks, Jairus Bilo, and Bänoo Zan

Interviews: Adam Tavel

Reviews: Phoebe Wang, Nicholas Herring, and Andrew Blackman


An Aboriginal boy preserved for posterity, poems of hazy July sunsets, and probing interviews with two of Latin America’s most rebellious poets: it’s all here in our most illuminating twenty-second issue!

Fiction: Rob Benvie and Mark Jordan Manner

Poetry: Louise Carson, Michael e. Casteels, Angela Hibbs, Deirdre Maultsaid, Simon Perchik, Mame Ekblom Cudd, and Meg Johnson

Interviews: Robert Swereda, Michael Lake, and E Martin Nolan

Reviews: Chris Gilmore and E Martin Nolan


Explore an LCBO-raid gone awry, bear safety tips for Algonquin Park escapades, and a young girl's dreams to win the Dakar in our riveting twenty-first issue.

Fiction: Amy Jones, Kevin Hardcastle, and Eric Lloyd Blix

Poetry: Camille Martin, Jim Smith, Catherine Graham, Stephen Brockwell, Ashley-Elizabeth Best, Bill Howell, Laura Clarke, and Aaron Tucker

Reviews: Phoebe Wang and E Martin Nolan


Delve into the enchanted realms of the Epic Issue, but beware: a nightmarish airshow, Wittgenstein's Tractatus, and a three-way investigation of Matthew Tierney's Trillium Award-winning work await all who venture forth!

Fiction: David Hancock, Andrea Grassi, and Patrick Roesle

Poetry: Rich Ives, Bardia Sinaee, Marcus McCann, Sandra Lloyd, Peter Norman, Ben Ladouceur, Jessica Comola, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Rodney Wilhite, Finn Harvor, Robin Richardson, Liz Howard, and Daniel Scott Tysdal

Reviews: Phoebe Wang and Kevin Kvas

Interviews: E Martin Nolan

ISSUE 19—FALL 2012

The pleas of the Zodiac, the misadventures of a sexually frustrated numbers man, and the inaugural winners of our literary prize await you in our nefarious 19th issue.

Thomas Morton Prize: Fiction Winner: Nathan L. Pillman

Fiction: Richard Scarsbrook and rob mclennan

Thomas Morton Prize: Poetry Winner: Mark Sampson

Poetry: Andy Verboom, Nathaniel G. Moore, Athena G. Csuti, Michael Lake, and Daniel Scott Tysdal

Reviews: E Martin Nolan


The poetics of speech-making and the lyrics of Phil Collins are some of what's in store in our intriguingly aural 18th issue.

Fiction: Lucian Childs and Wendy Fox

Poetry: Jimmy McInnes, Laurie Sewall, Alec Hershman, Kate Hargreaves, and Zachary Scott Hamilton


A plummeting comet, a bullied boyscout, and old issues of Playboy fill the pages of our scintillating 17th issue.

Fiction: Molly Lynch, Marc Apollonio, Melissa Kuipers, and Andrew Boden

Poetry: Lynn McClory, Matthew Tierney, Amanda Earl, Sean Braune, Anna Maxymiw, Sean Howard, Alyda Faber, David Brock, and rob mclennan

Interviews: Jim Smith and Myra Bloom


Exploding possums, cancerous felines, and squirrels for dinner: get in touch with your animal side with Issue 16!

Fiction: Brian Allen Carr, Arielle Bernstein, and Tim Conley

Poetry: Christine Miscione, Peter Gibbon, Amber McMillan, Phillip Matthews, and Aleah Sato

Essays: Leslie Stainton

Interviews: Nathaniel G. Moore

Reviews: Jesse Patrick Ferguson, E Martin Nolan, and Kevin Kvas

ISSUE 15—FALL 2011

The profundity of Hotel California, an assault on George Bush, and Anton Chekhov's arrival into town are some of the fascinating focal points of Issue 15.

Fiction: Robert Earle and Rich Ives

Poetry: Gabe Foreman, Jenna Jarvis, Ricky Garni, Joe Wilkins, Salvatore Difalco, Meredith Davies Hadaway, Paul Watsky, and Bardia Sinaee

Reviews: E Martin Nolan


Twins contort through a tennis racket, tourists navigate racism in South Africa, and a boy named Idaho is hated beyond all comprehension. This and more surprises in Issue 14.

Fiction: Eric Sasson, Tony Burgess, Lauren Carter, Chris Miller, and Nicole M. Taylor

Poetry: Aisha Sasha John, William Haine, Jennifer LoveGrove, Michael Sandler, Katie Jordon, Greg Bell, and Gillian Wigmore

Interviews: Jesse Eckerlin, Ray McClaughlan, Jr., and Spencer Gordon

Reviews: Jesse Eckerlin


A marriage crumbles in the shadow of an active volcano, a woman spots her dead father on a subway platform, and Toronto's Church Street receives a sun-down ode. Find out more in Issue 13.

Fiction: Nancy Jo Cullen and Su Croll

Poetry: Rich Ives, Stephen Brockwell, Suzannah Showler, Kristen Orser, Jaime Forsythe, Heather Davidson, and John Barton

Interviews: E Martin Nolan and Andrew MacDonald

Reviews: E Martin Nolan


Trace a poem's career-long evolution, partake in a soju-fueled sojourn, and sneak a peek at some seedy motel coupling in our triumphant Issue 12.

Fiction: Daniel Scott Tysdal, Christine Fadden, Joel R. McConvey, and Sharon Erby

Poetry: E Martin Nolan, George Moore, Kristine Ong Muslim, Martin Balgach, Bardia Sinaee, Mat Laporte, Richard Kostelanetz, Mark DeCarteret, and William Doreski

Reviews: E Martin Nolan

Interviews: rob mclennan, Darryl Salach, and E Martin Nolan


The fallout of Swissair Flight 111, psalms pushed into surreal absurdity, and teeth knocked from gums in a drunken melee. Dip in to Issue 11 and read more.

Fiction: Jessica Westhead, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Kelli Deeth, Victoria Hetherington, and Tom Noe

Poetry: Gary Barwin, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Diane Tucker, Zoë Alexis-Abrams, Nicholas Lea, Richard Norman, and Matthew R. Loney

Interviews: E Martin Nolan and rob mclennan


An Israeli-US custody battle, a pair of squeamish assassins, and a fruitless search for Tahiti Treat. Investigate the thrilling contents of Issue 10.

Fiction: Marko Fong and Brian Allen Carr

Poetry: Zachariah Wells, Carey Toane, Dave Margoshes, Catherine Graham, Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Leigh Nash, and Robert Swereda

Reviews: E Martin Nolan


A murder of Hitchcocks, a home-destroying hurricane, and Olympic-sized swimming pools await you in Issue 9.

Fiction: Emily Schultz, Matthew Barbehenn, and Christopher McIlroy

Poetry: Jim Smith, Marcus McCann, Jenn Blair, Sachiko Murakami, Ben Nardolilli, Jenny Sampirisi, Sean Moreland, Jamie Bradley, Kathryn Mockler, and Robin Richardson

Reviews: Tyler Willis


Pop culture pangs about Emily Haines and a skeleton slapped together with peanut butter. Need we say more?

Fiction: John Lavery, John Goldbach, Eva Moran, Michael Bryson, Sarah Dearing, Michael Blouin, and Rebecca Rosenblum

Poetry: Angela Hibbs, Nathaniel G. Moore, Andrew Faulkner, and Catriona Wright


A humiliating first kiss, workmen and their southbound, big-rig odyssey, and a burning case of herpes are just the beginning in The Puritan's farewell print issue.

Featuring: Stephen Leonard, John Ottey, Laurie Graham, Mark McCawley, Elaine McCluskey, Steve Venright, Jeanie Keogh, Stuart Ross, Jessica Wilbanks, Erich Mulhall, and John Lavery


Anal titillation, a poisoned pooch, and "the integrity issue" of a small literary magazine. It doesn't get better than this in Puritan 6.

Featuring: Charles Pinch, Drew McDowell, Matthew Firth, Elizabeth Corcoran, Maria Cichosz, André Narbonne, Jim Nason, and Guy Vanderhaeghe



Young turks, lessons in vocabulary, Dionysian digression, and a warm meat sock. What's not to like in the interview addendum to the Puritan's milestone 5th issue.

Featuring: Tony France, Matthew Firth, rob mclennan, Blanche Howard, David Burke, Gerald Lynch, Ryan Turner, and Nathaniel G. Moore



A rogue's gallery of wrestlers, an extreme rite of passage, and a strange take on purgatory cap the fiction in The Puritan's mammoth 5th issue.

Featuring: Robert Kroetsch, Nathaniel G. Moore, rob mclennan, Matthew Firth, Blanche Howard, and Gerald Lynch


A pair of snapping Emperor scorpions, a river-rapid trip gone awry, and a slow-fall off a moonlit balcony. All this and more inside the Puritan's fabulous 4th issue …

Featuring: George Bowering, John Moss, Paul A. Toth, Dayle Furlong, J.J. Steinfeld, Wes Smiderle, Kate Heartfield, Annie Zhu, Darryl Berger, Michelle Miller, Brian Carr, and Rebecca Cuttler


A perverse uncle, disfigured foreskin, and a machete fight with a cactus await you in our thrilling 3rd issue.

Featuring: Natalie Neville, D. M. Jamieson, Paul A. Toth, Ron Savage, Christina Decarie, Keith Collier, A. Alan Beck, Salvatore Difalco, Colette Maitland, James Papoutsis, Sam Greene, and j. fisher


A body washed up on the beach, a drug-induced camping trip, and a story that starts with "I bet Tony watched the hammer in his father's hand shiver like a tuning bar…"

Featuring: Paul A. Toth, Zdravka Evtimova, Scott McIntyre, Jeffrey Ross, Steven Mayoff, Clay McCann, Jeffrey Griffiths, Sam Greene, Britt Piper, and rob mclennan


A boat on the lonely tide, a beleaguered interior decorator, the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks. All this and more in our eponymous 1st issue.

Featuring: Patricia McCarthy, Brent Rouleau, Theresa Kishkan, Steve Dunne, Steve Zytveld, Rachel Dugas, Sarah Gibbons, Theresa Kishkan, Cyril Dabydeen, Jacqueline Kajawa, Amanda Earl, Gloria Mendosa, and Sam Greene


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