Issue 32: Winter 2016 is arguably one of The Puritan’s best editions. Aside from a reliably strong selection of fiction, poetry, and essays, highlights include a long-form interview with award-winning author Rosemary Sullivan and an in-depth review of Patrick deWitt’s Undermajordomo Minor. You’ll also find “Literary Cosmopolitanism” — the magazine’s fifth Supplementary feature.

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Little Half Moons.

By Trevor Shikaze

Tatiana liked the sitter. She was a thin girl with dark skin and bright teeth and big beautiful eyes, good legs. She was a neighbourhood girl; Tatiana...

Everything of You Resembles a Human.

By Emily Schultz

  Month 3 The sad plight of old parents—we know all days are small. By the time you are old enough for regrets, it’s possible I will be in th...

Sarajevo Roses.

By Christine Estima

July 2008 It is unnerving, being on a bus for so long, but also calming. I read a book and I eat my peaches, sucking down on the meat, trying not to l...

How droll the world is!: A Review of Patrick deWitt’s Undermajordomo Minor.

By Liz Harmer

Lucy Minor is, from the start, aware that life is something to be played at. About to leave his family for the first time, he decides that he is “m...


The Town Crier

News and Announcements.

March 26th, 2016

The Puritan’s Guest Summer Editors Series: 2016

As the window to submit to Issue 33: Spring 2016 is now closed, The Puritan will now be accepting submissions to Issue 34: Summer 2016. And with that, we are pleased to announce the launch of the second iteration of our Guest Summer Editors Series: one of the ways The Puritan strives to expand its editorial scope and add to the quality of ...

February 15th, 2016

Issue 32: Winter 2016 Blows into Town!

Dear Friends, We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Issue 32: Winter 2016—a cold-as-ice collection of all-new fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, reviews, and supplementary material that’ll leave you shivery with excitement. As usual, the issue begins with another set of undeniably strong short stories: new work by fine writers Tr...

February 2nd, 2016

Call for Submissions: Inheritances: The Puritan’s Spring 2016 Svpplement

Writers are inheritors of another kind of lineage, one that they claim not by the corroboration of blood or name, but by the self-assertion of a right to storytelling. This is how writing can share and borrow lineages from myth, poetry, and theories. For many writers, the choice of what literary modes or models, schools or styles to adopt as one’...